Update regarding confirmed COVID-19 patients on campus

We would like to inform you of confirmed COVID-19 patients on campus as of 09/07/2020:
• 2 couples who live in the eastern village dorms – currently in home isolation on campus.
• A student who lives in the undergraduate student village – currently in home isolation on campus.
• 2 students who live in the Rifkin student village – they were diagnosed while in home isolation off campus and will remain off campus until recovery.
• A staff member in the division of human resources – currently in home isolation off campus.
• A staff member in Undergraduate Studies – currently in home isolation off campus.
The Technion operates according to the Ministry of Health’s guidelines and therefore, as a precautionary measure, anyone who has been in direct contact with the patients was notified by the Ministry of Health and is required to follow the instructions received. We are in constant contact with the Ministry of Health and will update as necessary.

Corona virus – update #8 – 15/03/2020

Dear All,

Here is a quick update of the Technion guidelines following the announcement of the Israeli Prime Minister this evening:

  • Work on campus continues. Employees are asked not to bring their children to the work place.
  • Students who live in our dorms can stay there. However, we recommend that those who have a family that can offer them reasonable living conditions outside the campus will opt to take such an offer. This will help us reduce congestion in the dorms and thus adhere better to the national need to reduce the rate of infection.
  • Due to the new instruction that require no more than 10 people in any closed physical space and the recommendation to keep at least 2 meters distance between people, we ask heads of academic units to prepare lists of people who will alternate in using common spaces.
  • Employees who can’t come to work due to the shutdown of schools and kindergarten are kindly asked to report this to their respective units. Heads of units at Technion and TRDF will prepare lists of people for whom they seek approval for remote employment from home and forward these lists to the heads of HR at Technion and TRDF for approval.
  • Technion sport center (including the pool and the gym) are closed until further notice. All restaurants on campus will be closed and employees and students are kindly asked to bring their own food from home.

Due to the dynamics of the situation, everyone should be prepared to see the guidelines above change in the near future. We will of course inform you whenever necessary on such changes. Please stay calm, act responsibly and follow the general guidelines of the Ministry of Health and the particular guidelines of the Technion.

Wishing everybody a good week ahead and lots of health,

Boaz Golany