Corona virus – update #29 – 27/06/2021

Dear all,


The Ministry of Public Health has reinstated the requirement to wear face masks in all closed spaces as of yesterday at noon.  The implications to Technion students and staff are as follows:


  • Everyone is required to wear masks inside buildings at the Technion.
  • This requirement also holds in all classrooms and auditoria where lectures, tutorials and exams take place.
  • Lecturers are allowed to take off the mask while they teach as long as they maintain a 2 meters distance from the closest student.
  • There is no change in the schedule of classes and exams.  The exams will be done on campus as announced previously.
  • At the present time, the requirement to wear masks holds during the exams.  We are trying to secure an exemption from this particular requirement and if successful we will announce it promptly.
  • People suffering from medical issues that prevent them from wearing a mask need to secure an appropriate medical document to prove it.
  • Sport activities in the gym and basket ball arena are exempt from the mask requirement.  Masks must be worn in the closed pool (of course, not when staying in the water)
  • Academic and administrative staff, as well as graduate students & postdocs are allowed to take off the masks while they are in an office which they occupy alone or with just one office mate.  People working in larger open-spaces are allowed to take off the masks while in their working desk if proper partitions were placed near them.
  • Please stay tuned to additional updates which we will send as soon as we receive them from authorized regulatory agencies.



Professor Boaz Golany

Executive Vice President and Director General

Professor Oded Rabinovitch

Senior Vice President